GBG was originally a consulting company established in the UK in 1982, specialising in the application of geophysical techniques for geotechnical, environmental application and engineered structures across Europe.

In the following years, it has expanded as a multinational enterprise basing themselves in Australia as GBG Australia and GBGMAPS, and in the USA as GBGUS. Together the offices provide services stretching from the single pre-stressing strand in a concrete slab to a mine-scale exploration geophysical investigation.


GBG Australia originally began as a joint venture with CMPS&F and GHD before becoming a standalone company in 2003.

Over the next 15 years, GBG Australia grew to became the largest geophysical consultancy on the East Coast of Australia.

They have employed engineers and geophysicists of extensive experience, and have provided advanced tailored investigation solutions for geotechnical and environmental investigations and non-destructive investigations of structures for a wide variety of clients from all industries.


GBGMAPS, formed in 2008, is a joint venture between GBG Australia and MNG (formerly McMullen Nolan Group/McMullen Nolan and Partners).

The joint venture recognises the need for alternative surveying services in relation to the environmental geophysical services of GBGMAPS.

In the last eight years, GBGMAPS has established themselves in Perth to collaborate with MNG’s industry-leading survey and spatial information services with their geophysical expertise in and beyond Western Australia.


Scott Anderson - Director

Joining McMullen Nolan Group in 1990 as a graduate surveyor before rising to leadership roles within the company's Surveying Operations and Land Development divisions, Scott was appointed to the Board of McMullen Nolan Group in 2002.

Since then, Scott has acted as one of MNG's leading administrators, focusing on office based management roles concerning staff and high-end project management.

Scott is currently Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of McMullen Nolan Group.

Simon Williams - Director

BSc. Geology / Geophysics, with over twenty years professional experience in geophysical consultancy. Simon is responsible for the management of Australian based operations of GB Geotechnics Group of companies including GBGMAPS.

His role with GBGMAPS includes providing expert advice and quality assurance, as well as assisting with tender writing and projects when required.

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