Marine, River and Transition Zone

Sub-Bottom Profiling

Detailed mapping of subsurface structure for dredging and wharf infrastructure including pile design;

Seafloor Survey

Determination of seafloor conditions for risk mitigation, sedimentation and environmental feature mapping using Side Scan Sonar.

  • Mapping for shipping hazards i.e. reefs and bomboras
  • Location of archaeological significant features (shipwrecks)
  • Location of dumped rubbish i.e. car bodies, tyres
  • Seafloor monitoring of sediment build up
  • Environmental studies for habitat mapping
Magnetic Survey

Magnetometer and gradiometer surveys for UXO clearance, geological mapping and archaeological or environmental mapping

  • Locating buried debris (e.g. anchors and unexploded ordnance)
  • Marine archaeological survey (shipwrecks)
  • Delineation of ore bodies or other magnetically susceptible geological units

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